13 Sep

Welcome to the new Nina Nesbitt Website...

Welcome to my brand new website! I'm very excited to finally launch this.
I've included some cool interactive features such as the Nesbian code generator,
I like to keep things within my fan base so i've created a code especially for us all to communicate when I come to announce big things!
You'll find out about all my videos and songs here and all my tour dates first!

Make sure you sign up to the database for exclusive content
See you soon
Nina x

  • Missmx

    I really like the website, and this video it hilarious you're so cute :)

  • IssyRichardson

    That just made my day, I love how you`re so talented and successful, yet you are still so weird (in a good way!) and you still take the time to make a video for your fans. :) xx

  • kanekirkpatrick

    This is Hilarious!

  • elliefoster

    just laughing because you were laughing

  • NinaNesbittPhilippines

    soooooo funny~!!!

  • fiona

    you're so lovely:) i just laughed because of your laugh, i didn't even understand, what you were laughing about:D and this website is great:)

  • daisynessie

    this website is amazing :) x

  • eloisewest

    Nina you're adorable I love you are you ever going to perform in america?

  • NinaNesbittGer

    Love it! :)

  • jasdiane

    Love the code thing.. nesbian languag~!! hehehe :)

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