05 Oct

Google+ Hangout!

Now that you have all set up your accounts, the website will be monitoring the most active users... and these users will win a google+ hangout at the end of each month. Which is basically just a bigger version of Skype with about 10 of us. Looking forward to doing this! x

  • MelissaAdkins

    Ah this is so cool! It'd be a dream to win. I live in the US so I can never go to a gig and it makes me sad :(

  • OVGryffindor

    Super! I'll be on this every single day! :D

  • Nina_Nesbain

    So now I'll be on here everyday.

  • CeliaTheNesbain

    Oh my gawd cannot wait! Hope I can do it :') X

  • RaeCairns

    Are you selling merch at your gigs? x

  • ShantelleKeech

    nina, im sad:(

  • Missmx

    can we play charades?

  • AzulGiuzio

    O H M Y G O D !

  • marialavado

    Omg! this is so cool, I'm excited! x

  • IssyRichardson

    How can you be active? I`m a little confused.. But, I`ll try my best! xxx :)

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