10 Oct

'Make Me Fall'...

So guys...I recently had a brand new session filmed of me performing 'Make Me Fall'. If you have'nt seen it already, you can check it out here..

Nina x

  • MelissaAdkins

    The video was so lovely. You're gorgeous.

  • valeska1

    Love You, nina! You're amazing.

  • OVGryffindor

    I love this song so much. It's amazing!

  • NinaNesbittPhilippines

    Love this sooo much~! x

  • retardedheart

    you make me fall in love with this song, i cant even stop listening to it, everyday .

  • retardedheart

    i wish i could talk to you :(

  • retardedheart

    well i cant stop playing it, your voice is so amazing >.

  • AzulGiuzio

    Love it! You look so beautiful! Love u xx

  • eloisewest


  • EuanWakefield

    It's great m'dear!

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